Asia Pride Games

Please find sports events to register below. You may register to multiple sports, but please note the time conflict for some sports. All fees are in US Dollars.


May 25th May 26th May 27th May 28th
Telematch Khmer Traditional Games at F3

(8AM – 10AM)

Rainbow Run (7AM – 9AM) at Koh Pich (Elysee)
Volleyball (12PM – 6PM)
Round Robin & Elimination rounds

Bowling (9AM – 4PM) at ProBowl Volleyball Finals (12PM – 4PM)
at Olympic National Stadium
Badminton (12PM – 6PM)
Elimination rounds at Cambodia Badminton Fedreation
Remork Race (12PM – 4PM) at Elysée Promenade Koh Pich
Welcome registration for all sports (7PM) at Heart of Darkness Reajiny Pride (4PM) at Elysée Promenade Koh Pich
Pool Party (6PM – 9PM) at Arthur & Paul Pride Cambodia Concert at Elysée Promenade Koh Pich Gala Dinner and Award ceremony (6PM)

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